Fly fishing on our 8 km of fishing waters

  • One’ day’s fishing € 40.00 per day per angler (We only accept 6 anglers per day on our 8 km of fishing waters)
  • * Fishing is reserved to the hotel’s patrons.
  • The fishing waters are non-kill fly fishing waters
  • 8 km of fishing waters, owned by the hotel, non-kill fly fishing without barb.





2. Only rainbow trout over 40 cm may be kept and presented to the hotel for recording.

3. Each trout must be unhooked and « replaced » in the water with utmost care : “throwing” a trout back into the water shows lack of respect for the fish that brings you YOUR pleasure.

4. No brown trout may be KEPT.

5. BEFORE touching a trout, ALWAYS WET YOUR HANDS to avoid removing the mucous membrane that protects the fish against diseases.

6. This permit is personal and untransferable. It grants the right to fish with one single line.

7. We ask you to respect nature and the property of RESIDENTS, without whose agreement you would not be able to take advantage of this fishing right.

8. Any breach of the rules will result in the immediate withdrawal of the permit.


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