Put on your walking boots


Wanderers and hikers alike: put on your walking boots! Various tracks from 5 to 20 km are waiting for you. These walks cross the nicest spots in the region and some even start from the hotel. Bike riders can also try the RAVeL Trois-Ponts – Malmedy – Waimes – St-Vith for itineraries across truly breath-taking landscapes. Ask for our maps and choose what suits you best.

Discover the walks and hikes in the region 

The most beautiful racing track in the world


Rightfully named « the most beautiful racing track in the world », this unique infrastructure organises the most spectacular races, and for most racing lovers the climax of the season is, without a doubt, the F1 Grand Prix.

Discover the track 


The wonders of the region

Historical sites and museums

Nature and history can definitely seduce you too. Below are listed some of activities, museums and nearby castles.

  • The Botrange Nature Centre
  • The Botrange Signal and the Baraque Michel
  • The Malmundarium, museum and monestary of Malmedy
  • The Stavelot Abby
  • The Rheinhardstein castle
  • The Baugnez 44 Historical Museum
  • The Schieferstollen & Blausteinmuseum, the “blue stone” museum of Recht
  • Ars Krippana, the largest crib art exposition in Europe
  • The railway museum of Losheim

Explore ou local culture 

Urban escapes

City trips

Are you hesitating between shopping, relaxing or a cultural activity? Good news: all these activities can be done in the different cities of the regions.

  • Malmedy (12 km)
  • Spa and the thermae (25 km)
  • Verviers (30 km)
  • Monschau (30km)

Discover East Belgium 

Take out your landing nets

Fly fishing

Our 8km long fly fishing track ensures a deep moment of peace between sports and meditation … Exclusively for hotel customers, for 40€ per day per fisherman/woman. Non kill fly fishing only. 

Effort first, then relax


Mountain bike, paintball, off-road scooter, … High adrenaline activities in mesmerising landscapes are thriving here … How about getting out of your comfort zone for a couple of hours before heading to your cosy room? Close to the hotel:

  • Stoneman Arduenna
  • Paintball at the Sniper Zone
  • Mountain bike VTT in the Fens 
  • Horse-riding
  • Swimming
  • Trails for the more courageous among you

Photo : copyright ©Stoneman Arduenna

Many different sports activities 

Prepare your best swing…


Take out your clubs and practice your best swing: Lovers of the green can visit one of the 6 country clubs in the area:

  • Spa Balmoral (25 km)
  • Golf du Haras in Verviers (30 km)
  • Burbach in Bitburg (40 km)
  • Clervaux (40 km)
  • Gomzé-Andoumont (60 km)

Head to the courts nearby 

Pardon, Haguète, à l’ cawe do ramon, dju nu l’ f’rès jamês pus !


Dive in the magnificent folklore of our region! Brightly coloured costumes, friendly atmosphere, … Create the best memories during this celebration.

  • The Cwarmê of Malmedy with the Haguètes, Harlequins, Long Noses and other traditional costumes.
  • Laetare of Stavelot and the famous Blancs Moussis that love a good joke and confetti. 

Come party with us ! 

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